An independent organization for all of your Roof Consulting needs.

Guidry Roofing is among the greatest businesses in Canada, recently started up with roofing in marietta ga services. Industrial roofing systems are pricey. Any failure by the roofing system, roof contractor or materials manufacturer can cause important obstacles. Guidry Roofing provides a wide selection of roof consulting services and can assist customers with any size job, or kinds of roof systems.

A specialist roof consulting service brings knowledge to your project and unbiased suggestions since there’s absolutely no inherent loyalty to any roof, brand of roofing materials, or roofing contractor. About the complexity and value of commercial roof design, material selections and vendor requirement it’s in your best interest to acquire the fair investment required to acquire expert aid.

Roof Design Consulting

Our roof design consulting aids cover every aspect of creating a commercial roof system. From structural support, underlayment and installation requirements to picking the roof type, creating flashing, means of attachment and installation, we’ve got the expert experience to make your project a success.

Our pre-bid consulting services include critical areas like the development of specifications, bid documents, contractor qualification, and bid process production. We view this as a vital stage of a roofing project as it defines the expectations, confirms the requirements, and eventually protects the integrity of their job to be completed.

Project Post-Bid Services

Our post-bid consulting services would be the security before you commit to hiring the roofing contractor.

Roof Project Management

Our project management services are precious –, mainly on large roofing projects. It’s not possible for an engineer to have a sustained presence on the work site and manage every part of the building procedure. Even the ordinary contractor is too busy to watch all the work being performed. While choosing a reliable contractor and buying quality stuff are terrific assurances your roofing project will be substantial, it all comes down to work down by the field labor. Under our keen eye, we confirm that you’re receiving the defined roofing materials, monitor for proper installation techniques, and inspect every bit of work completed. We carefully inspect the finished product against the design drawings and specifications to create confident that the job was completed as detailed and ordered.

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